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ngadutrafik 2007
April 20, 2007, 3:26 am
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this is just a test for ngadutrafik on year 2007, so what is ngadutrafik 2007, man.. it just a contest for SEO. i’m no trafik master though, i’m just newbie :D. in the year 2007 there are many seo contest. you can search in internet. but the new contest just open to indonesian is this

NgaduTrafik 2007

contest. ngadutrafik contest held by

indonesia have many SEO master but you can count me out hehehhe, i’m not one of them. but i wanna…hehe you can take a look a glimpse of it in this contest. this contest goal is to place your web in three major search engine which are Google, Yahoo and MSN. in you type in keyword ngadutrafik ehh ngadutrafik 2007 in those search engine you can see the result..

these are the temporary result :
just click below links

ngadutrafik 2007

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Hihi, trafik diadu-adu!

Comment by NgaduTrafik

iya nih. ikutan komen aja deh. ngadu komen jadinya 🙂

Comment by ngadutrafik

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